Another 300 people suffer from the Corona Virus


Despite all the precautions taken to deal with the Corona virus in the Saudi state, the number of Corona victims is increasing. According to the Saudi Gazette, the spokesman of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Muhammad al-Abdul Ali, has reported that the state-owned Corona Test System (MOUVED application) has reached one million 76, according to the Saudi Gazette. Thousands of local and immigrant tests have been conducted.
This automated test resulted in the diagnosis of Corona in 20 people. While corona tests of 70,000 people have come out negative, which is encouraging. However, tests by close to 3,000 people indicate that they may be infected with the Corona virus.

Because the symptoms found in them are very similar to Corona’s disease. It would be premature to say anything now.

In the next few days, the situation will be clear regarding these suspected patients. These suspected patients are being kept in full touch so that they will be given another test after a few days to provide them with the necessary health care. While there are 277 people in whom the symptoms of the corona virus are not very clear, and they are likely not affected by corona.
It may be noted that in the last 92 more people in the state, the corona virus has been confirmed, after which the number of corona patients in the state has reached 1104. Of the newly diagnosed patients, 10 came from overseas, while 82 people suffered from the disease due to contact and contact with coronary patients already in the state. Most of the victims are in stable condition, who have been transported to specific medical facilities for corona treatment

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