Coronavirus in Qatar (Doha)

Doha – Corona virus continues to spread in the Gulf state of Qatar. A spokesman for the Supreme Committee on Natural Disasters said that in the last 24 hours, 12 more peoples have been confirmed with that effected by Corona virus, after which the number of people affected by the deadly virus in the state has risen to 549. Spokeswoman Lulva Rashid al-Khatar said during a press briefing that two more patients were recovering in the state, after which the number of patients recovered was 43.
A total of 13,681 people have been tested for Corona virus in the state. All unnecessary shops have been closed in Qatar to prevent the Corona virus, as well as banning the opening of cafes and entertainment outlets.

The hours that are open are also set for 6 pm to 7 pm.

Except for those times, no one will be allowed to stay open. However, no time restrictions were placed on pharmacies, grocery stores and delivery stores. It is to be noted that Amnesty International, the human rights organization, has said that the largest target for Corona virus in the Gulf state of Qatar is becoming the working class. Is. According to a recent Amnesty report, hundreds of workers have rushed to the hospital because of the Corona virus.
However, they are not being provided the best treatment facilities. Due to this, there is severe anger among the workers against the government. Amnesty also claims that labor protests have begun in Doha, the capital, for the Qatari government’s failure to take effective measures to prevent Corona. The report further said that the Doha government has refused to bring the working laborers to hospitals and inspect them in the country.
On the other hand, the grievances against the government are increasing in the working class against the negligence of the Qatari government. Protests against the government have been witnessed in several places in Doha. The World Health Organization has asked the Qatari government to periodically inspect workers and other workers working on ongoing construction projects for the Football World Cup to protect them from the threat of Corona, however the Qatari government Failure to take precautionary measures in this regard has failed.

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