Humanity example in Dubai by Pakistani


Business activity has stalled due to the outbreak of the Corona virus in the United Arab Emirates. Due to which many people are suffering from economic hardship. These people are not getting even two-time bread. A Pakistani man has taken up the task of helping such distressed people. According to Gulf News, Shahbaz Qureshi, 35, based in Dubai, has started delivering free food to hundreds of people from his restaurants.
Shahbaz Qureshi said that there are four restaurants in the International City of Dubai under the name of its Hazara group. Since Wednesday, the UAE government has forced people to stay at their homes, since then, the staff of all four restaurants has been cooking large quantities of food and reaching the needy.

During the last three days, 350 distressed people have been fed so far.

These include people from Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman. Most of them are workers or poor people who came to the UAE in search of a job, but due to flight restrictions, they have been trapped in the UAE. Since the launch of the campaign to provide free food to people through the WhatsApp, telephone bells have been ringing continuously in all four of their restaurants, Dolphina, Hazara Durbar, Moal and Alfred’s kitchens, where people are told to eat at their places of residence. Requesting to be delivered.
Even tonight we have delivered food to those who are suffering. The five men are based in the Satwa area, who have not been paid salaries for a long time, causing financial hardship. Qureshi said they were from Abbott, a city in the Hazara region of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. From Abad. The food that is being delivered to the people at the moment consists of Chana Palau and Chicken Biryani.
We are making large quantities of food to help as many people as possible, which also takes into account hygiene principles in preparation. Our staff stands at a safe distance from delivering food to the needy. Before we feed someone, we make sure that he is really in bad shape. He even has a hard time getting two loaves of bread a day.
At the moment, our workers are mostly providing food to those in need in the International City and surrounding areas, but we have also sent food to the labor camps of Rola and Ajman in Sharjah. Qureshi says he is doing this for the sake of Allah. Due to the corona virus, all humanity is currently in difficult conditions. Many countries are closing their borders, millions are being imprisoned in homes while the global economy is also shaking. We are all united to fight this global epidemic. We can play our part in the situation arising out of this epidemic only by helping the poor and the poor around us.

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