The Pakistani government is spying on citizens through mobile phone tracking

Pakistani Government take Actions For Tracking Corona Virus

The Pakistani government is spying on citizens through mobile phone tracking. This is revealed in a report by the British Broadcasting Agency, which states that the mobile phone data of virus-infected individuals is being used by the federal government to prevent coronary outbreaks and without their permission. Many users have said that the government is accessing their location and call records with the help of their mobile phone data, but law experts have raised questions about its morality and legitimacy, saying that the process is part of the Constitution of Pakistan. I can be declared illegal based on the rights given to the public


A resident of North Nazimabad, Karachi, told the British Broadcasting Agency on condition of anonymity that there were three Wood-19 patients in his home who had returned home from the hospital, but the last few. For days some of their family, friends and neighbors have been receiving an SMS message called Corona Alert, which they have been having problems with. ‘ Fear of them has disconnected. The text message sent in the text message “Corona Alert” has been sent to many people in most parts of the country by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). Within days Corona has been exposed to a certified case of the virus, so you are requested to take the necessary precautions and if any symptoms such as fever, cough and difficulty breathing or physical discomfort please call 1199 “. PTA spokesman Khurram Mehran confirmed these SMS messages and said that the messages were being sent only to specific people on the directives of the Ministry of Health. This message is sent to those who contact the registered mobile number on the card. After looking at the mobile history of these patients for the last few days, it is known which areas they have traveled to and who have been in contact with the people. This message is sent on request to inform people that there is a Corona virus patient in their area. They have come into contact so they can take immediate precautions. Many countries are currently using call data recording technology and digital contact tracing systems to control the Corona pandemic, which has sparked debate around the world.

Has access to consumer information been morally right to prevent the Corona pandemic?

Experts say there are laws in Pakistan and people are not aware of their privacy rights in this case. It is the responsibility of the federal and provincial governments to inform the public that their mission is to prevent the Corona virus. The mobile phones are being tracked. He said many people are in awe because of this message and they are not going to test despite the symptoms of corona virus because they are afraid that if the test results come out positive. Then he and his family will be monitored. Barrister Ali Tahir, the law expert, explained that according to Article 14 of the Constitution, privacy or privacy is the fundamental right of every citizen of Pakistan and Article 38 of the Electronic Crime Prevention Act. According to him, it would be considered a crime if an organization or an individual reveals a person’s personal information without consent. This access is possible only through a Judicial Warrant, but only in cases where a crime is being investigated as far as data protection laws are concerned, a bill in this regard exists in Parliament but it has not yet been approved. Unlike other countries in Pakistan, data protection laws do not exist, but due to the constitutional rights, this process can be called illegal.

Mobile Phone tracing methods

There are various methods used for mobile phone tracing, such as cell carriers. Locate mobile location using Site Information (CSLI) as soon as When a mobile phone travels from one cell tower to another, it also records information such as calls, sms and data usage over time and location in the form of mobile network call data records (CDRs). It is possible that call data records can be used to record the data of corona virus patients as well as those living in and around them. The use of this technology is common in Pakistan. According to the Punjab Police Department, the Anti-Terrorism Department takes help of this system to prevent major crimes. Apart from this, authorities in South Korea, China, Singapore and Hong Kong are also screening citizens’ mobile data. Government agencies in South Korea are using surveillance camera footage, location of smart phones and credit card records so that the Corona virus Information on the movement and transmission of virus to patients can be obtained. Similarly, the location data of citizens’ mobile phones is being used in Italy and Israel as well to determine how much of the official lock-down of the city is banned. And how many people have fallen prey to the virus’ Wyatt Launches A Smartphone App That Helps Identify People Who Have Been Connected With The Corona Virus

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