Corona Virus lockdown in pakistan

lockdown in pakistan

Lockdown in Pakistan end date

Pakistan has announced the new date on Monday due to coronavirus for extending lockdown.  In-country an additional two weeks lockdown extended.  Ministry of the interior (Pakistan) decided to extend coronavirus lockdown in Pakistan.  This strategy uses to stop COVID-19  spreading cases as neighbor countries China, Iran and Afghanistan.

The decision is for three days will open crossing points between Pakistan and Afghanistan for cargo transports. Pakistan was closed borders on March 16  with neighboring countries. After this border closing, it was extended until April 14.

Now the Government of Pakistan has decided this lock-down and Extend till 28 April 2020. Due to peoples, irresponsible behavior Virus is spreading fastly in Karachi. The government is taking action against people’s violations but it can never stop without the help of peoples.

Islamabad (Lockdown in Pakistan)

Currently, Islamabad is considering of this countrywide lockdown extension. Due to lockdown has shut all Edu institutes, markets, offices, Malls, government and other most departments. More coronavirus cases have risen above 5,707 recovered 1,097 and deaths 97. According to the Ministry of Health 1,097 coronavirus patients have recovered after treatment. The Supreme court of Pakistan has directed the government to remove advisers on health. Also, Justice of the Supreme court of Pakistan ( Justice Gulzar Ahmed) referred to FIA (Federal Investigation Authority) for investigation against Prime minister’s aide on health for the order of reports 20milion Rupees mask to other countries when actually required at home.

On the other hand, two Pakistanis individually donate to health care workers  15,00 protective gear.

Worldwide corona cases till today (14 April 2020)

Coronavirus has spread in 185 countries and 1.85M (million) cases have been reported. Most of the peoples are dead due to non-awareness of COVID-19. We should try to aware of others about coronavirus symptoms in the country and worldwide as much as you can.  In the worldwide till today 14th April 2020 total 1,919,913 cases have been recorded in which 449,589 recovered and 119,666 deaths.



Online education system, Pakistan (HEC) decision to provide cheaper internet to students

Communication with Higher Education Commission telecom companies, talks to introduce educational bundle, all HEC universities to form committees. Online education system, HEC (Higher Education Commission) has decided to provide cheap internet to students. According to a private TV channel, the HEC (Higher Education Commission) has mobilized to make online education a success. Telecom companies have been approached by HEC (Higher Education Commission) to offer cheap internet bundles to students.
The HEC (Higher Education Commission) has said that given the lockdown situation, students should be provided with an educational bundle to provide cheap internet. Telecom companies should also improve service in rural areas for the convenience of students. The HEC has also instructed all universities to solve student problems related to online classes.
Due to the lockdown, the decision was made to make the education system online nationwide after a virtual university had provided a learning management system to 14 different government universities under an agreement. Providing video lectures, assignments, curriculum distribution and other facilities. Which will help to overcome the barriers to education in the tense situation posed by the Corona virus.
App has been provided to teachers for access to LMS. On the other hand, the Higher Education Commission has directed online tutoring to all public and private universities. Later, the online system cannot be made successful if students do not have internet access. However, now the EHEC is mobilized to provide internet to students.

Chinese medical experts in Pakistan have suggested ways to deal with Corona

Chinese delegation met Chief Minister Punjab, briefed him on his observations and experiences

A delegation of Chinese doctors and specialists met with Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Bazar in Lahore. The meeting agreed to promote bilateral cooperation and joint efforts to cope with the Corona virus outbreak. Tell us your observations and experiences. Chinese experts say that social distance plays an important role in the prevention of corona virus.
Lockdown should be ensured for at least 28 days. Instead of staying at home, victims should be sent to the hospital for quarantine. Use of the plasma of a recovering person is useful for trauma victims. Three for an infected patient. Use of antiviral drugs has been found to be useful Sometimes the symptoms of corona do not show up and the skin with high-strength immunity heals.

While the Corona virus can be dangerous for people with epilepsy and other illnesses, according to the Chinese doctor, the possibility of outbreak of Corona cannot be ignored even in summer. Appreciating the effective measures taken by the government. The chief minister said on the occasion that China had set a precedent by controlling the corona virus in the shortest possible time.

China and Pakistan Friendship

China has proved that it will always stand with Pakistan. Corona will benefit from China’s experiments to prevent it. It is concluded that Corona virus is spreading rapidly in Punjab, most cases in Lahore. Reports have been made. Chinese experts are being dealt with to deal with Corona. In this context, the Home Department of Punjab extended the lockdown in the province for seven days.
According to a notification issued by the Punjab Home Department, the lockdown has been extended in the province for one week. The lockdown will remain until April 14. Essential essential shops will be open from 9am to 5pm while milk and yogurt shops will be open from 8pm to 8pm. Is. All actions that are being taken to prevent the Corona virus will be implemented on an emergency basis.

The war on the Corona virus issue between China and the United States literally escalates

The ongoing war between China and the United States over the Coronavirus issue has intensified, US intelligence report alleges that China has hidden the true death toll from Corona. Beijing has rejected US accusations, saying that the United States should stop politics over health issues and instead focus on protecting its people. According to details, US intelligence agencies claimed in a secret report that China has hidden the scale of the Coronavirus outbreak in its country and did not disclose the total number of cases and deaths. Submitted to the White House, US President Donald Trump has expressed skepticism over data released by China’s Coronavirus casualties. According to an intelligence report from the US intelligence that claimed the number of Cody Anis patients and casualties in China was less than factual, Trump said he had not received any intelligence reports at this time, the US president said. He has spoken to his Chinese counterpart over the telephone, through the data was not discussed in the conversation, China, on the other hand, rejected the US intelligence report that Beijing cited the Coronavirus outbreak. Information was concealed from, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying confirmed during a press briefing that China has always taken a ‘clear and transparent’ attitude toward the outbreak, saying that the US should stop politics over health issues and instead focus on protecting its people. He said that some US officials want to divert people’s attention, of course, we do not want to be part of this debate with them, but we think the explanation must come true and true.

China Announces Increase in International Cooperation Against Corona Virus

China’s National Health Commission (NHC) has said China will continue to promote international cooperation to deal with the Nova Coronavirus disease. Improving the capabilities of China’s weak healthcare system China will help the G20 Group to promote information exchange, policy coordination and effective co-operation, and the G20 Ministers Health Meeting, Li Meng Chu, an official at Coin HC, said at a press conference Thursday. China is ready to transmit the disease across borders. Will make joint efforts with relevant parties to prevent the s and will help improve the combat capabilities of the outbreak of the healthcare system vulnerable countries.

Corona virus uncontrollable in the Saudi state

Corona in Saudi state

The coronavirus has become uncontrollable in the Saudi state. There are currently about 1500 coronary patients in the state. Hundreds of more people may be affected by Corona, whose condition will only become clear once the test report is released. Due to Corona, economic and business activity has stalled across the state.
As a result, both migrants and locals are badly affected.
In such a crisis, Saudi Arabia’s mobile companies have announced that they will not receive a bill for April 2020 from corona-affected individuals and mobile users sent to quarantine because of the disease. According to Saudi newspaper 24, three major Saudi mobile companies – Mobile, STC, and Zen – have announced that April bills will be waived to consumers shipped to Quarantina. This discount is given to both Saudi and migrant workers. Saudi mobile companies say the facility will allow specific users to experience the conditions created by Corona and the Saudi government and institutions to combat the disease. Is being done to help. It may be noted that 110 new cases of Coronavirus were reported in Saudi Arabia till last night.

Increased Patients

The number of victims in the country has increased to 1563, while 400 people in Quarantine have been clearly declared. The Ministry of Health has further said that 50 people have returned to their homes in the state, after which the number of patients recovered has increased to 165. According to the Saudi Gazette, hundreds of people at the airport were kept at Quarantina for 14 days in Jeddah.
Out of these, 400 were declared cleared of the coronavirus yesterday and allowed to go home. A special ceremony was organized by the Ministry of Health officials when returning from the first group to leave Quarantina in Jeddah. Flower leaves were decorated and gifts were given to the men. According to Liberia News, ministers have also considered providing additional financial resources to continue work in the public and private sectors following the Corona virus-triggered situation. According to the Saudi Arabian Government Press Agency (SPA), Information Minister Dr. Majid al-Qasbee has said that the council has issued a decree, under which (victims of the Coronavirus) all citizens, residents, and victims of the violation. The treatment facility has been ordered. The Council of Ministers has also reviewed various reports, both nationally and internationally, on measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Saudi Cabinet approves a Memorandum of Understanding between the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia (SAMA) and the Dubai Financial Services Authority for cooperation in the financial services sector. Ministerial Council condemns Yemeni Houthi militia launching ballistic missiles at Jizan city.