Corona virus uncontrollable in the Saudi state

Corona in Saudi state

The coronavirus has become uncontrollable in the Saudi state. There are currently about 1500 coronary patients in the state. Hundreds of more people may be affected by Corona, whose condition will only become clear once the test report is released. Due to Corona, economic and business activity has stalled across the state.
As a result, both migrants and locals are badly affected.
In such a crisis, Saudi Arabia’s mobile companies have announced that they will not receive a bill for April 2020 from corona-affected individuals and mobile users sent to quarantine because of the disease. According to Saudi newspaper 24, three major Saudi mobile companies – Mobile, STC, and Zen – have announced that April bills will be waived to consumers shipped to Quarantina. This discount is given to both Saudi and migrant workers. Saudi mobile companies say the facility will allow specific users to experience the conditions created by Corona and the Saudi government and institutions to combat the disease. Is being done to help. It may be noted that 110 new cases of Coronavirus were reported in Saudi Arabia till last night.

Increased Patients

The number of victims in the country has increased to 1563, while 400 people in Quarantine have been clearly declared. The Ministry of Health has further said that 50 people have returned to their homes in the state, after which the number of patients recovered has increased to 165. According to the Saudi Gazette, hundreds of people at the airport were kept at Quarantina for 14 days in Jeddah.
Out of these, 400 were declared cleared of the coronavirus yesterday and allowed to go home. A special ceremony was organized by the Ministry of Health officials when returning from the first group to leave Quarantina in Jeddah. Flower leaves were decorated and gifts were given to the men. According to Liberia News, ministers have also considered providing additional financial resources to continue work in the public and private sectors following the Corona virus-triggered situation. According to the Saudi Arabian Government Press Agency (SPA), Information Minister Dr. Majid al-Qasbee has said that the council has issued a decree, under which (victims of the Coronavirus) all citizens, residents, and victims of the violation. The treatment facility has been ordered. The Council of Ministers has also reviewed various reports, both nationally and internationally, on measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Saudi Cabinet approves a Memorandum of Understanding between the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia (SAMA) and the Dubai Financial Services Authority for cooperation in the financial services sector. Ministerial Council condemns Yemeni Houthi militia launching ballistic missiles at Jizan city.

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