The war on the Corona virus issue between China and the United States literally escalates

The ongoing war between China and the United States over the Coronavirus issue has intensified, US intelligence report alleges that China has hidden the true death toll from Corona. Beijing has rejected US accusations, saying that the United States should stop politics over health issues and instead focus on protecting its people. According to details, US intelligence agencies claimed in a secret report that China has hidden the scale of the Coronavirus outbreak in its country and did not disclose the total number of cases and deaths. Submitted to the White House, US President Donald Trump has expressed skepticism over data released by China’s Coronavirus casualties. According to an intelligence report from the US intelligence that claimed the number of Cody Anis patients and casualties in China was less than factual, Trump said he had not received any intelligence reports at this time, the US president said. He has spoken to his Chinese counterpart over the telephone, through the data was not discussed in the conversation, China, on the other hand, rejected the US intelligence report that Beijing cited the Coronavirus outbreak. Information was concealed from, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying confirmed during a press briefing that China has always taken a ‘clear and transparent’ attitude toward the outbreak, saying that the US should stop politics over health issues and instead focus on protecting its people. He said that some US officials want to divert people’s attention, of course, we do not want to be part of this debate with them, but we think the explanation must come true and true.

China Announces Increase in International Cooperation Against Corona Virus

China’s National Health Commission (NHC) has said China will continue to promote international cooperation to deal with the Nova Coronavirus disease. Improving the capabilities of China’s weak healthcare system China will help the G20 Group to promote information exchange, policy coordination and effective co-operation, and the G20 Ministers Health Meeting, Li Meng Chu, an official at Coin HC, said at a press conference Thursday. China is ready to transmit the disease across borders. Will make joint efforts with relevant parties to prevent the s and will help improve the combat capabilities of the outbreak of the healthcare system vulnerable countries.

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