Chinese medical experts in Pakistan have suggested ways to deal with Corona

Chinese delegation met Chief Minister Punjab, briefed him on his observations and experiences

A delegation of Chinese doctors and specialists met with Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Bazar in Lahore. The meeting agreed to promote bilateral cooperation and joint efforts to cope with the Corona virus outbreak. Tell us your observations and experiences. Chinese experts say that social distance plays an important role in the prevention of corona virus.
Lockdown should be ensured for at least 28 days. Instead of staying at home, victims should be sent to the hospital for quarantine. Use of the plasma of a recovering person is useful for trauma victims. Three for an infected patient. Use of antiviral drugs has been found to be useful Sometimes the symptoms of corona do not show up and the skin with high-strength immunity heals.

While the Corona virus can be dangerous for people with epilepsy and other illnesses, according to the Chinese doctor, the possibility of outbreak of Corona cannot be ignored even in summer. Appreciating the effective measures taken by the government. The chief minister said on the occasion that China had set a precedent by controlling the corona virus in the shortest possible time.

China and Pakistan Friendship

China has proved that it will always stand with Pakistan. Corona will benefit from China’s experiments to prevent it. It is concluded that Corona virus is spreading rapidly in Punjab, most cases in Lahore. Reports have been made. Chinese experts are being dealt with to deal with Corona. In this context, the Home Department of Punjab extended the lockdown in the province for seven days.
According to a notification issued by the Punjab Home Department, the lockdown has been extended in the province for one week. The lockdown will remain until April 14. Essential essential shops will be open from 9am to 5pm while milk and yogurt shops will be open from 8pm to 8pm. Is. All actions that are being taken to prevent the Corona virus will be implemented on an emergency basis.

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