Online education system, Pakistan (HEC) decision to provide cheaper internet to students

Communication with Higher Education Commission telecom companies, talks to introduce educational bundle, all HEC universities to form committees. Online education system, HEC (Higher Education Commission) has decided to provide cheap internet to students. According to a private TV channel, the HEC (Higher Education Commission) has mobilized to make online education a success. Telecom companies have been approached by HEC (Higher Education Commission) to offer cheap internet bundles to students.
The HEC (Higher Education Commission) has said that given the lockdown situation, students should be provided with an educational bundle to provide cheap internet. Telecom companies should also improve service in rural areas for the convenience of students. The HEC has also instructed all universities to solve student problems related to online classes.
Due to the lockdown, the decision was made to make the education system online nationwide after a virtual university had provided a learning management system to 14 different government universities under an agreement. Providing video lectures, assignments, curriculum distribution and other facilities. Which will help to overcome the barriers to education in the tense situation posed by the Corona virus.
App has been provided to teachers for access to LMS. On the other hand, the Higher Education Commission has directed online tutoring to all public and private universities. Later, the online system cannot be made successful if students do not have internet access. However, now the EHEC is mobilized to provide internet to students.

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