Mobile phone can be infected with the coronavirus

Mobile phone

Mobile phones can contain all kinds of germs, and frequent cleaning can reduce the risk of transmitting the new coronavirus.

Mobile phones can contain all kinds of germs and cleaning them frequently can reduce the risk of transmitting the new coronavirus. According to media reports, this has come to light in a medical study conducted in Australia. The reports were analyzed to assess the risk of bacterial and viral contamination of mobile phones.
This study was conducted in different countries (24 countries) from 2006 to 2019 and preceded the Code 19 epidemic. The Bond University study showed that mobile phones contain not only bacteria but also viruses and fungi. There are thousands of germs.

Report of Researchers

Researchers found that on average, more than 68% of mobile phones contain a variety of germs, some of which are resistant to antibiotics.

The researchers did not conduct a new test on the presence of the new Novel Coronavirus on phones but said there was a strong possibility that mobile phones could be responsible for the rapid spread of Code 19. The resulting virus can survive for days on glass, plastic and stainless steel, and mobile phones are a host of germs because we don’t clean them and we take them everywhere and keep them with us at all times.
This includes the process of eating, sleeping and even many people use the toilet, while they are also used in planes and trains. He acknowledged that all everyday items are somewhat contaminated with germs. Contaminated but nothing can compete with mobile phones in terms of bacterial contamination. He advised cleaning the phone before washing your hands.
He said that in order to be safe, everyone should understand that mobile phones are a source of bacterial contamination and they should clean their hands. He said that mobile phones are shared more than other people. And if that doesn’t happen, it’s still a way to get more involved with the virus

Transport ban in Pakistan likely to be lifted


Transport ban in Pakistan likely to be lifted, the federal government has issued guidelines for passenger vehicles

The federal government has issued guidelines for passenger vehicles as the ban on transport across the country is likely to be lifted. According to the details, the federal government has issued guidelines for traffic and asked the people to use the traffic facility only when absolutely necessary and to take precautionary measures while traveling.
The government has directed transporters to disinfect the vehicle before boarding and unloading. In addition, according to the instructions issued, medical masks and hand sanitizers should be used in passenger vehicles, air conditioning should not be used in vehicles, windows screens must be kept open for fresh air to pass through.

Passengers Relief 

The government has further said that passengers should not be placed close to each other, body heat scanning should be ensured. Drivers should wear masks and gloves while traveling, and ensure the supply of tissue paper and sanitizers inside buses. Earlier, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced the opening of the lockdown on Saturday, May 9.
He said that phased lockdown would be opened in all sectors, decided together with the provinces that some facilities have to be created now, the death rate is increasing in Pakistan, but the lower class is in big trouble, the government has paid all the victims. Can’t give, so it’s wise to open the lockdown. “The first corona case was reported in Pakistan on February 26, then on March 13 we decided to lock down the country at a meeting of the National Security Committee,” he said in a media briefing after the meeting. There are three qualities, one is that this virus spreads fast, no other virus spreads so fast like this virus, the world locked down for social distance, we also locked down in Pakistan like the world.
When we locked down, we were afraid of what would happen to 80% of the poor, wage earners and laborers in the country. We were following it in the world, 2,000 people a day in the United States, 800 people a day in Britain, as well as Spain. Deaths were taking place in Italy. In view of this, we set up a National Command Control Operation Center. Under the leadership of Asad Umar, the four provinces make future decisions based on the situation in Corona on a daily basis. Thank God that the richest countries in the world There was no such pressure on Pakistan.