The prime minister warned “The death toll from Corona will rise in the coming days,” the prime minister warned

The prime minister warned “The death toll from Corona will rise in the coming days,”

PM Imran Khan says deaths from Corona will increase in the coming days, we don’t have conditions like in India. Opposition came from abroad and sat in front of the laptop wearing a mask. This gave the impression that the country is in trouble and that they are trying to cash in on this situation. The Prime Minister also hinted at tightening the lockdown. Talking about the Coronavirus situation, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that unfortunately, the death toll from Coronavirus will increase in the coming days. I am proud of the way my team has acted in the current situation. Our situation today is not what it is in India, the death toll is lower than what our team estimated, we thought it would be worse, the situation is as it was estimated.

Prime Minister Imran Khan also criticized the opposition and said that it seems that the opposition wants the economy to stagnate due to the lockdown and more deaths. They ran away from London, put on masks and sat in front of the laptop that I will tell and they’re trying to cash it. He said, “Thank God government did not come under pressure, it did not lockdown as the neighbors country did”. On the one hand, we have to save people from Corona and on the other hand, we have to save them from poverty. I have been saying this since day one and our opponents have been criticizing me. Fortunately, we have a Tiger Force of 1 million young people.  Talking about the situation in the neighboring country, the Prime Minister said that India had suddenly imposed a curfew on the country, which resulted in the loss of income to 84% of the households. If 34% of the households were not given assistance at that time, they would not be able to survive more. Due to the lockdown, the situation in India today is that 30 million people lost their jobs. According to the survey, the lockdown in India did not make any difference to the rich class. The Prime Minister also hinted at the severity of the lockdown and said that the data that is coming to us, I am telling you today, now we will be strict. The report will come daily regarding the implementation of SOPs in the country and will close the areas where SOPs are not implemented.


Corona’s testing kits are unreliable, US scientists have revealed

American lab corona virus

Suspicions have already been raised about coronavirus testing kits, and now scientists at Johns Hopkins University have confirmed the suspicions. Scientists have found in a new study that patients with coronavirus are more likely to have negative results if they are tested at an early stage – even though they have the virus in their body at the time and some symptoms are appearing.

In the study, scientists analyzed data from 1,330 patients who tested negative once and tested positive a few days later. Even when their tests were negative, most of them had some symptoms of the corona. In the study, published in the Journal of Internal Medicine, Lorraine Kaserka, the head of the research team, instructed doctors to treat people with coronavirus who were showing some symptoms. Even if their test is negative, such people are more likely to test positive after a few days, as they are more likely to be negative in the early days of wire exposure.

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