Tania Aidrus, who came from Google with great fanfare, was also caught red handed and secretly formed her own company

Tani Ahdris

Controversy erupted on social media over the Digital Pakistan Initiative, a company created by Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government, when Imran Khan’s special assistant Tania Aidrus, who heads the program, set up a fundraiser. The question of joining the board of directors of a non-profit company (Pakistan Digital Foundation) has been raised. This issue has shocked everyone, but now Tania Aidrus’ statement on this issue has also come to light.

According to Dawn News, Prime Minister Khan launched the Digital Pakistan program on December 5 last year and nominated Google executive Tania Aidrus to lead the initiative, leaving the post to lead Google. Came here.

The Digital Pakistan program operates directly under the Prime Minister’s Office. In accordance with the provisions of Rule 4 of the Rules of Business 1973, Tania Aidrus was appointed Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Digital Pakistan in February. According to recent revelations on social media, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) earlier this month awarded a non-profit company called Digital Pakistan Foundation (DPF) to praise the government’s Digital Pakistan initiative. Was filed under Section 42.

Tania Aidrus, Founder Director of the Foundation, Jahangir Tareen, Leader of PTI, Mudassar Ilyas Sheikh, CEO of Online Taxi Company Karim and Sikandar Bashir Mohmand, Lawyer of Jahangir Tareen. The lack of transparency in the funding and operations of the Nation has raised concerns, and in particular has led to a conflict of interest.

In an exclusive interview with Dawn News, Tania Aidrus said that there is no problem for any special assistant to join the board of a non-profit company, it is important to remember that this private Limited is not a company. The problem arises when the company is profitable. He said that the purpose of the foundation was to provide free assistance to the government in digitization initiatives. He said that just as the foundation does not intend to receive any money from the government, it also does not intend to increase the burden on the government but seeks to increase funds by raising funds from external donors and not loans. Co-Tania Aidrus confirmed to Dawn that Jahangir Tareen was part of the founding team as someone involved in the government’s reform efforts. However, he said that he resigned from the board due to increasing personal and business pressure, which required his full attention in April. He said that on April 15, 2020, Jahangir Tareen became a member and director. He said that the SECP had accepted the request of Jahangir Tareen to resign as a member on April 23.

The former Google executive said the foundation’s team is in touch with a number of grantees, including the richest Pakistanis who want to do something for Pakistan. According to him, the company has not yet formally started receiving work and funding. Continue reading “Tania Aidrus, who came from Google with great fanfare, was also caught red handed and secretly formed her own company”

Transport ban in Pakistan likely to be lifted


Transport ban in Pakistan likely to be lifted, the federal government has issued guidelines for passenger vehicles

The federal government has issued guidelines for passenger vehicles as the ban on transport across the country is likely to be lifted. According to the details, the federal government has issued guidelines for traffic and asked the people to use the traffic facility only when absolutely necessary and to take precautionary measures while traveling.
The government has directed transporters to disinfect the vehicle before boarding and unloading. In addition, according to the instructions issued, medical masks and hand sanitizers should be used in passenger vehicles, air conditioning should not be used in vehicles, windows screens must be kept open for fresh air to pass through.

Passengers Relief 

The government has further said that passengers should not be placed close to each other, body heat scanning should be ensured. Drivers should wear masks and gloves while traveling, and ensure the supply of tissue paper and sanitizers inside buses. Earlier, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced the opening of the lockdown on Saturday, May 9.
He said that phased lockdown would be opened in all sectors, decided together with the provinces that some facilities have to be created now, the death rate is increasing in Pakistan, but the lower class is in big trouble, the government has paid all the victims. Can’t give, so it’s wise to open the lockdown. “The first corona case was reported in Pakistan on February 26, then on March 13 we decided to lock down the country at a meeting of the National Security Committee,” he said in a media briefing after the meeting. There are three qualities, one is that this virus spreads fast, no other virus spreads so fast like this virus, the world locked down for social distance, we also locked down in Pakistan like the world.
When we locked down, we were afraid of what would happen to 80% of the poor, wage earners and laborers in the country. We were following it in the world, 2,000 people a day in the United States, 800 people a day in Britain, as well as Spain. Deaths were taking place in Italy. In view of this, we set up a National Command Control Operation Center. Under the leadership of Asad Umar, the four provinces make future decisions based on the situation in Corona on a daily basis. Thank God that the richest countries in the world There was no such pressure on Pakistan.

Corona Virus lockdown in pakistan

lockdown in pakistan

Lockdown in Pakistan end date

Pakistan has announced the new date on Monday due to coronavirus for extending lockdown.  In-country an additional two weeks lockdown extended.  Ministry of the interior (Pakistan) decided to extend coronavirus lockdown in Pakistan.  This strategy uses to stop COVID-19  spreading cases as neighbor countries China, Iran and Afghanistan.

The decision is for three days will open crossing points between Pakistan and Afghanistan for cargo transports. Pakistan was closed borders on March 16  with neighboring countries. After this border closing, it was extended until April 14.

Now the Government of Pakistan has decided this lock-down and Extend till 28 April 2020. Due to peoples, irresponsible behavior Virus is spreading fastly in Karachi. The government is taking action against people’s violations but it can never stop without the help of peoples.

Islamabad (Lockdown in Pakistan)

Currently, Islamabad is considering of this countrywide lockdown extension. Due to lockdown has shut all Edu institutes, markets, offices, Malls, government and other most departments. More coronavirus cases have risen above 5,707 recovered 1,097 and deaths 97. According to the Ministry of Health 1,097 coronavirus patients have recovered after treatment. The Supreme court of Pakistan has directed the government to remove advisers on health. Also, Justice of the Supreme court of Pakistan ( Justice Gulzar Ahmed) referred to FIA (Federal Investigation Authority) for investigation against Prime minister’s aide on health for the order of reports 20milion Rupees mask to other countries when actually required at home.

On the other hand, two Pakistanis individually donate to health care workers  15,00 protective gear.

Worldwide corona cases till today (14 April 2020)

Coronavirus has spread in 185 countries and 1.85M (million) cases have been reported. Most of the peoples are dead due to non-awareness of COVID-19. We should try to aware of others about coronavirus symptoms in the country and worldwide as much as you can.  In the worldwide till today 14th April 2020 total 1,919,913 cases have been recorded in which 449,589 recovered and 119,666 deaths.